6 Ways to Save Your Wedding Catering Costs in Houston

6 Tips from a Sydney Caterer

wedding catering pegasusweddingreception.comWhen it comes to weddings, your wedding catering will probably be one of the biggest costs in your budget. If you are like most couples, you definitely want to find ways in which you can save money when it comes to your choosing wedding catering in Houston TX.

According to Slate, the average wedding can cost between US$20,000 to US$76,000. It is still a lot of money, regardless if you are on the lower or higher end of the scale.

Tips on Saving Money on Wedding Catering

We are lucky today to have Fingerfoods.com.au, a Sydney-based caterer, to provide us with some tips on how you can save money on your catering.

A. Use plates that are unique, if you have the chance. As we all know, the presentation of food is a very important aspect of the act of eating. People will eat with their eyes first, so it is important that you focus on the presentation of the food, first and foremost. If you are able to use serving trays that look different, it will add a pleasant and memorable twist to your wedding event without increasing your catering bill.

B. Do you want to show how generous you are without spending a lot of money? Then serve huge bowls of colourful, tasty salads with different types of vegetables. These will stand out on a buffet line, and give the impression of abundance. You can add even more pizzazz to your presentation by using unusual bowls, serving trays or huge woks.

C. When it comes to deciding which liquor to serve, choose those in the middle price range than those in the top. We can estimate you can save up to 25% this way. Furthermore, most of your guests won’t be able to spot the difference anyway. If you are worried about that, you can use display menus for the bar service while placing the bottles themselves under the bar, out of view.

D. Another way you can look like you are spending a lot without really doing it is to add more garnishes to your drinks. Dress them up a little! Grab your bar manager or caterer and ask them to provide you with standard bar garnishes such as lemon peels, orange slices, cherries or mint. They will provide these for free most of the time. When you add these to your drinks and cocktails, they will add to the festive look, and all your wedding guests will think that you have paid much more than you did.

E. Do you really need to provide expensive champagne for your wedding toast? Instead of spending a few thousand dollars on several cases of Dom Perignon, you can just let your guests toast you with the drinks they have in hand. Alternatively, you can substitute the champagne with sparkling wines such as prosecco (Italy) or cava (Spain) instead.

F. Don’t go for the most elaborate wedding cakes. These are usually very labour-intensive, and will of course cost more. If you decide to keep it to a more classic and elegant look, then you could possibly save hundreds of dollars.

This article on wedding catering was written by Jeff Sydney.

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