A Must-Read for Couples Who are Getting Married in Wedding Venues in Hotels in Fayetteville, NC

4 Tips When Booking a Wedding Venue at a Hotel

For most brides, planning a wedding means buying their wedding dress, picking the best pair of shoes, and finding the right kinds of jewelleries. Aside from these, there are certainly more things to plan to have a fantastic wedding. One of the most important things is finding the wedding venue. So for brides who are looking for wedding venues in hotels in Fayetteville, NC, start with these tips.

wedding venueFirst of all, before signing any form of contract, read the contract very thoroughly. This is quite the most overlooked process of couples who are looking for their wedding venue. Not reading the contract carefully can make you unaware of several fees that may not be explained to you by the hotel’s staff. Hence, prior to signing a contract, ask a lot of questions especially about the fees included.

Second, try to get special rates for your wedding guests. For this, you may need to work with the hotel’s sales and marketing team to get special rates. Oftentimes, hotels give discounts and some privileges who are bold enough to ask for them. You just have to ask and try to negotiate. However, you should make negotiation at least 4 months before the date of your wedding in order to secure rooms and other facilities as early as possible.

Third, be aware of the hotel’s rules. Your search for the perfect venue for your wedding can be made easier if you know the house rules of the hotel at the outset. For instance, if you know that a hotel does not accept caterers or florists from other wedding vendors and if you’re planning to hire a caterer or your favorite florist, then you don’t have to trouble yourself of considering the hotel.

Finally, know who else is getting married on the day of your wedding. This is because some wedding venues in hotel at Fayetteville, NC only cater one or a couple of weddings each day. Thus, it pays to know how many ceremonies and reception will have on the same day of your wedding.

Follow these 4 starting tips when finding a great venue at a hotel and create the dream wedding that you always desire.

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