Advantages of a Wedding Dress Storage Store in Houston, TX

Houston’s Wedding Dress Storage

Your wedding dress can stay white, fresh and gorgeous long after your wedding reception has passed as long as it’s preserved and stored correctly. You can choose to avail the services of wedding dress storage store in Houston, TX.


Here are some bridal shops in Houston TX tips  for helping your wedding gown look good as new for years to come and for the next generations.


  • Have the dress cleaned by a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning wedding gowns. Cleaning removes stains that may show later on a cleaning fluid can be an insect deterrent.
  • A wedding dress storage box needs to be sturdy to eliminate from dust and light. A box made of heavy board with fitted lid will protect from insects.
  • Wedding dress box protect a wedding dress from flood damage and from smoke damage.
  • Follow the rules. Store away from heat, light and damp
  • Always store your wedding dress in pH neutral with tissue that is acid free.
  • Check your dress every 5 months to ensure nothing untoward has happened to it as well as unpacking the dress and repacking once a year.


  • Do not store you wedding dress in a normal box. Unless made with special pH neutral board. All boxes contain acid that passes into the dress fabric causing yellowing and discoloration.
  • Drawers, suitcase, color dyes in clothes and wardrobes will have an effect on the purer fabrics of a wedding dress it is always best to separate a wedding gown from any other item and surround it with an acid free.
  • Do not store long term in plastic dress covers. The light can be fading the fabric.
  • Never wrap the wedding dress I black tissue or all colored tissue paper contains dye which can affect the dress.
  • Do not hang the wedding dress to avoid stress on the seams and shape
  • Never store the dress in the attic. All sorts of disasters such as general damp, leaking roof and insects can affect a dress in the attic, even if it is well protected. You can avail boxes at wedding dress storage store in Houston TX.

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