Celebrate Mother’s Day with Houston, TX Wedding Cake

Double Occasion Hitting Two Birds with One Stone

wedding Mother’s Day cakesAre you planning on getting married on mother’s day? If you are maybe you’re thinking about adding a cake just for all the moms in your wedding, wedding mother’s day cakes in Houston, TX if you will. This can be placed alongside the wedding cake and the groom’s cake or a centerpiece to your dessert table in your wedding reception hall.


On the off chance that you abhorrence cake through and through however adore chocolate, you should seriously mull over serving brownies at your wedding. Whether they are tidied with icing sugar or prepared with nuts or M&Ms, it’ll be elusive somebody who’ll say “no” to a bit of rich, chocolate-y goodness, particularly on the off chance that it is presented with a scoop of dessert. This dessert is commonly seen not only in wedding venues but even birthday and prom.

Dessert Shots

Dessert shots are extraordinary on the grounds that they are idealize one-sizable size parts and that implies your visitors can test diverse assortments of these without being excessively full after a luxurious dinner. Include a spoon to every shot glass for simple use or leave spoons as an afterthought and let your visitors choose on the off chance that they need to utilize them or basically guzzle the sweet down.

Ice Cream

Nothing will make your visitors and their more youthful ones more content than a dessert treat stand, particularly in case you’re having an open air wedding.


Take a less normal approach and serve pies and tarts at your wedding. Other than serving treat pies and tarts, you can consider including flavorful pies, for example, chicken pies or egg tarts for visitors who don’t have a sweet tooth.  Just like the apple pies your mom used to make this is great if you’re thinking about skipping the mother day cake for your mom’s special day.