Why Choose Salsa for Wedding Dance – Reasons from Houston, TX Dance Class Instructors

Salsa for First Wedding Dance

More and more couples spend their time together in planning their big day. Well most of the time the bride-to-be spends more time shopping together with her bffs and her mother, while the groom-to-be shops alone or with his best buddies too. In planning a wedding, it is necessary that both the bride and the groom are working together to make a decision. The wedding date is one of the things that must be decided by both parties. Aside from picking the wedding date, the groom and the bride usually spends their time separately in selecting what to wear and what to have at the wedding reception venue.

salsa-wedding-dance-Fortunately, there are more chances for the couple to see each other after being busy from searching and visiting wedding vendors. By preparing a choreographed wedding dance, the couple can have more time together. Practice for the wedding dance is typically scheduled by some couples right after work at least twice or three times a week. One of the popular choices for wedding dance is salsa. You can find dance studios offering wedding salsa dance classes in Houston, TX. Whether you are a bit familiar of salsa dancing or a novice in ballroom dancing, everyone is welcome to learn. But why salsa when there’s tango, cha cha, rumba and waltz?

Salsa dance moves and routines can be difficult to follow and execute according to some people. When the bride is wearing a heavy wedding dress, it would be even more difficult to dance. Well according to professional dance instructors, anyone can nail it and even perform challenging stunts as long as both the bride and the groom practice regularly.

The important key given by dance instructors to beginners is to ‘let go’. It will be intimidating at first to step into the dance studio in a dance outfit, especially for first timers. However, you can eventually overcome the feeling of being intimidated and enjoy learning the dance.

As most ballroom dances are, salsa dance also requires a partner. It should be danced with connection with your partner, and that is one reason why many couples prefer salsa over other dance styles. Enrolling in wedding salsa dance classes in Houston, TX together can definitely add some sizzle to your relationship. Aside from the basic steps of salsa, a bit of sensual or intimate dance moves can be added by the dance instructor, especially if it is for your first wedding dance.

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