The Different Cuts of Diamond Engagement Rings in Houston TX

Diamond Engagement Rings in Houston, TX

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. This is why many men who want to spend the rest of their lives with the woman they love offer a diamond engagement ring.  Jewelry stores have different cuts of diamond engagement rings in Houston and you can find ideas in the official source. How will you know which ring is perfect for your bride to be? Each cut of the diamond has a meaning and could reflect the type of person wearing the ring.

Here are the different cuts of diamond that engagement ring store San Diego have which you can choose for your girl.

The most popular among other shapes is the round cut or also known as brilliant-cut. The shape reflects more light than the other cuts. Anyone wearing round cut ring says you are trustworthy and easygoing.

This is relatively a new square shape with the added modern and understated effect. Its geometric step-cut also gives a spectacular glitter and spark. When you choose this, you are probably decisive and fun-loving.

This cut was kindled by the Asscher, but instead of square, this is in a rectangular step-cut. The Emerald cut has lesser facets and offers maximum brilliance compared to other shapes. The choice of emerald says you are efficient and straightforward.

Among the other shapes, this is a century old. It symbolizes love and devotion. But for an optimum sparkle, the heart cut must be well proportioned. Anyone wearing this shape says you are sentimental and dreamy.

The pear shape resembles a teardrop. Also, the pear cut diamond has the fire and beauty of a round shape but has less conventional look. If your girl has a wide finger, the pear cut diamond ring will make it look slimmer.

These are only few of the diamond cuts that men can choose from when buying diamond engagement rings in Houston TX. There are plenty of jewelry shops that you can visit and try to compare the rates that will suit your budget. After the engagement, the usual thing that the couple do is to plan for their wedding such as choosing the perfect caterer, wedding venue and dress.

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