Etiquette Guide for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Clearwater Beach Hotel Venues

Etiquette Guide for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

A wedding rehearsal dinner is usually hosted the night before the wedding day, right after the ceremony rehearsal. For this occasion, traditionally, it is the groom’s parents who take care of the bill, as it is the mother of the groom’s way to show she can entertain. Nowadays, more and more couples choose to pay for their own wedding, or sometimes both families share for the expenses of the dinner.

wedding venues8Many wedding venues in hotels in Clearwater Beach FL are also chosen by couples for their rehearsal dinners. The luxurious hotels usually have the perfect restaurants, with ample seating, sumptuous dishes and cozy ambiance. It is really ideal to be hosted in a fine dining restaurant as this serves like a family reunion for each couple’s family.

When hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner, especially in a fine restaurant or Clearwater Beach resort, you should choose who and how many to invite. The immediate family members are important to be present, and as well as those who are part of the wedding ceremony, including the wedding officiant. If you are going to have a destination wedding, obviously, all of your guests are out of town. Thus, consider inviting everyone to the rehearsal dinner as a kind gesture of thanking them for travelling. Of course, it will be a huge addition to your bill, so just recommend nearby restaurants and directions to those who aren’t invited.

The wedding toast is best done during the rehearsal dinner. If someone will do the hosting during the dinner (the groom’s father, for example), it is his job to welcome both families together with a formal toast. The couple will take care of giving thanks to everyone for attending the dinner and sharing about their childhood stories to keep the evening affair buoyant. It would be best if you give the toasters a prep time or cue on what point they will give their speech.

With the degree of formality, it is necessary it does not exceed the actual wedding’s formality. Thus, when the reception is to be hosted in wedding venues in hotels in Clearwater Beach FL, the rehearsal dinner is held in one of the hotel’s restaurant. You can keep it private, yet simple.

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