Every Bride and Groom’s Etiquette Guide in Planning a Wedding Celebration

Wedding Couple’s Etiquette Guide

A wedding is traditionally a formal gathering. The couple’s family and friends are invited to share such romantic day. They are witnesses to the bride and groom’s start of married life. The wedding day will really be exciting, but before you look forward to the most romantic day of your lives, you must have questions that you cannot find answers yet.

plannerOther issues being faced by wedding couples include the decline of their best friends with the wedding invitation, insisting mother-in-law or they want to be consisted with the theme or style they want to observe during the affair. There are many ways to address guests and family members about this, but it just needs some politeness.

For instance, your college best friend said ‘No’ to your wedding invitation. How would you feel if she answers that she does not like you to be wed to your husband-to-be? It will hurt you indeed, but perhaps you should consider her decision. After the wedding, you can catch up for a cup of coffee and talk about what the reason behind her decision.

If your partner’s mother is inviting to your wedding a couple with kids, but you want to strictly observe a no-kids affair, it could be the start of a challenging married life. Kids are cute, but not when they ran around the venue and which could be nuisance to other couples and guests. It is your wedding, so the decision will depend on you and your partner. Let your partner tell his/her mother about your rule for the wedding.

Budgeted weddings usually face criticisms from guests for not giving wedding favors. Is it necessary to have favors or rude to ditch the idea? Well wedding favors aren’t mandatory even when you have a high-drama wedding celebration. If you can’t afford pricey favors, at least think of something cheap. In the end, it is not mandatory that guests will oblige from you.

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