How to Avoid Possible Beauty Wedding Disasters?

Tips in Avoiding Beauty Problems

makeupAh, your wedding day, one of the most special and important days of your life!  If you know anything about my wedding day, you know it wasn’t your typical wedding day due to unforeseen events. There are some aspects that you need to know before you go having fun on your wedding day. Here are some tips that you need to know to avoid unnecessary beauty disasters that can happen on the big day:

Tip #1

Try to stay out of the sun even if you have outdoor wedding venue. Ok, so you might say there’s not much chance of getting sunburnt with our Irish weather, but it happens. The sun is always hiding behind those clouds so make sure your foundation has SPF in it, and wear sunscreen where your skin is exposed. You don’t want to be pink, peeling and swollen on the day!

Tip #2

While having a bit of colour on your wedding day can be nice, especially if you’re translucent like me, don’t be tempted to get a spray tan the day or two before. Make sure to book an appointment with a professional a few days before the wedding so the excess solution can wash off.

Tip #3

Don’t use heat-based styling products in your hair. Flat irons and straightening products break down the bonds of the hair and make it difficult to manipulate the hair into a hairstyle and keep it. Keep straightening to a minimum on the run up and buy a heat protection spray, it’s cheap and cheerful and works wonders.

Tip #4

You’re not likely to do this but, in case you’re tempted – do not pluck your eyebrows on the day of the wedding! If you get them professionally done, go at least 3 days before and pluck the strays the day before the wedding. Red and irritated is not a good look!

Tip #5

Emotions will be running high and the tears will flow, but don’t let your makeup flow with it. A top tip for crying gracefully while effectively keeping your mascara in one place is to hold a tissue at the sides of your eyes and let the tears flow into it to avoid damaging your mascara and lashes. And of course invest in good waterproof mascara!

Tip #6

Great mascara is one way to do it, but gorgeous long lashes can also be faked for maximum flutter, if you’re dying the lashes, then don’t scrimp on good quality glue, with all the tears and hugs, those lashes are going to work hard.

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