How to Help Flower Girls Cope with Nerves

Tips for Your Bridal Flower Girl

Every wedding event will not be completed without a flower girl. The role of the flower girl is to walk with the bride in the aisle. As the bride walks gracefully on her dress, the flower girl will scatter petals in the aisle. If the venue does not allow scattering of rose petals, the flower girl is tasked to carry flower baskets instead; if not baskets, she can carry a miniature bouquet of exquisite flowers.

Wedding EntourageHowever, since most flowers girls are really young, they become too overwhelmed with the task. In short, they get so nervous especially when the wedding will be attended by a lot of guests. Here are some of the tips that you can incorporate in order to calm down a flower girl:

Tap the parents or grandparents

Kids will always look for familiar faces in the crowd. When they cannot see any person familiar to them, they get the nerves. To avoid this, you can ask for the parent’s and grandparent’s help. Try to have them seated in front so that the flower girl could be able to see them while she walks the aisle.

Tap the assistance of the maid of honor

If the flower girl is too young, you could not really rely on her to lead the aisle procession. Traditionally, flower girl walks before the bride, but if she is scared, try to place her in between the bride and the maid of honor. In this way, the maid of honor could be able to assist her if she experiences on the spot stage fright.

Pre-scatter petals beforehand

If the flower girl is too shy and scared, you can have the flower scattered beforehand in your wedding venue. But still, the flower girl could sprinkle little amount of flowers from her small basket. It will make her feel better and at peace that she was able to do her part.

Get two flower girls

If you have observed, weddings with only one flower girl gives too much nerves on the child. You can break the tradition and add another flower girl, preferably her sister, during the processional walk inside the chapel. To add more in the crowd, have a page boy walk with them in the aisle.

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