Important Factors to Consider Before Proposing to Your Fiancée

Factors Before Popping Up the Engagement

wedding“Getting it right” is the keyword when you are planning to propose to your fiancée. Yes, it is full of tremendous pressure but what’s important is you are ready. Before you ask her the question, you should ask yourself first if you are indeed ready.

According to experts, being ready with the engagement will ensure a long lasting relationship. Everything will start with the proposal, and if it’s shaky then it is mostly to reflect on your wedding planning stage and the marriage.

The following are the important things that you should be prepared of when you plan to pop the question:

Yourself: Getting married is a responsibility that you need to keep for the rest of your life. As much as possible, you should think about it countless times. There is always a big difference in getting married ready versus halfheartedly. Being married means you already know the possibility of being called as a “Dad” and etc. Being ready is not only confined to metal and psychological state but also with the financial aspect.

Talking to the parents: This is a traditional practice but the parents of your soon to be wife will appreciate the gesture. According to relationship gurus, letting the parents know about your plans for their daughter is something that will warm their hearts. If you get lucky, your soon to be in-laws will also sponsor a portion of the expenses.

Engagement ring: You cannot propose if there is no ring. Always take note that every proposal needs this accessory; in fact, this item is not just a requirement. It is a symbol of your eternal love to her. There are two ways to get a ring—(1) buying a predesigned ring and (2) getting a loose diamond as center stone first before putting it on the setting and the band.  An engagement ring is also considered as one of your most expensive investments so you need to be prepared financially. For more questions and info about style, please don’t hesitate to ask local artisans or jewelers.

Friends: If you are having difficulty planning for the proposal like looking for a romantic venue, call out your circle of friends. With some of your friends’ ideas, you can come up with a creative plan to pop the question to get. Please remember that women are intuitive so you must be really careful giving out some hints if you want it to be a surprise.

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