Important Questions to Ask Houston, TX Crawfish Food Wedding Catering Service

Valuable Questions to Ask Wedding Catering Providers

wedding cateringGetting Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX is not just about preparing the menu. The job of a professional food provider is more than wedding menu preparation and crawfish festival Houston. In fact, you will be amazed that your wedding caterer can be able to help you coordinate the wedding reception’s timeline, bar supply and even the bridal and groom’s cake.

Here are top questions that you need to ask the prospective caterer for your wedding event:

(1) Do you have an updated license?

This is an important detail that you should know because it ensures that the provider has met the standards set by the local health regulatory board. All companies that are duly authorized by the board also have liability insurance. If you require liquor for the event, make sure that the company has a liquor license as well.

(2) Do you have insurance for liquor liability?

Most wedding receptions need liquor so it is important that your company has this. The disadvantage of serving liquor is your guests can become so drunk and damage some reception properties. If the caterer has no liquor liability insurance it means that you are going to shoulder for the damages. To protect you from the compensation charges, the caterer should have this type of liability insurance.

(3) Can you provide the client references?

There are things that the caterer wants to hide about the service. In order to know everything, it is always safe if you talk to its previous customers. Through this, you can understand the aspect where the provider is good and bad at. Gather as much references as you can for more opinion and customer feedback.

(4) Are you covering other weddings on the same day of the wedding?

Why do you want to know the answer in this question? As a customer, you can feel confident if the caterer is only focusing on your event on the same day. If your wedding requires extensive work, it means that you don’t want the caterer to work on another service on the same day. Your wedding deserves the top priority so hire a caterer that only caters one event in a day. The last thing you want is getting mediocre service due to the divided attention of the service provider for your wedding venue.

Whether you like it or not, you cannot deny that the service of Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX is really important. A successful wedding is not only because of the reception and the theme; it is also about the food. Wedding catering is an integral part of the whole process so it is important that you pay attention to the details by asking the abovementioned questions.  

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