How Indian Weddings in the US are Celebrated

Indian Wedding Celebration In US

In the Indian wedding, the sari or lengha is the traditional attire for the guest. On the other hand, if you don’t have sari or lengha, you can wear brighter colored dresses. Indian guest should be dressed in lively color and eye-catching jewelry.

For Indian weddings in the US, the groom’s procession or (baraat) might put Western guests at awe. In this ceremony, the groom arrives with decorated white horse. The guests and participants dance around the groom with the beat of the dhol which is an Indian drum. After which, the bride and her family welcomes the groom. Then, the bride and groom exchanges floral garlands and wear it around their necks to represent that they accept each other.

Indian wedding is not only celebrating the union of both individuals, they celebrate the joining of two extended families as well. A traditional Indian wedding will last for several days and the average is three days. During the first night, the priest will have to perform the ganeshpooja which is usually done at home. The common attendees are the couple and close relatives.

The mehndi ceremony is performed during the second day. The bride along with her female friends and family members will have henna patterns drawn all over their hands and feet. In the evening, the sangeet (music) takes place. The introduction of couple’s families, a meal, and dances or other performances will take place. On the Final day, the ceremony and reception take place in all indian weddings.

Indian weddings in the US are like a crazy party, you must know how to dance the harried Punjab folk dance in the wedding reception venue. Common courses that are served in the reception depend on which state the couple’s families are from. When served in the US, the food tends to be North Indian. This means that you’ll see a spread of naan or flatbread with various curries, samosas which is a savory pastry with spiced vegetables or meat and pakoas. Typically, desserts include cake and kulfi which is a variety of Indian ice cream.

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