The Right Approach to Being One of the Best Indian Wedding Photographers in Houston, TX

How to Be a Good Indian Wedding Photographer

It will take more than holding the camera to be a great photographer. Let alone be a photographer that specialize in Indian weddings. Indian weddings are known to be very festive and traditional unlike the usual wedding celebrations being witnessed today. If you want to be one of the Houston Indian photographers, what you need to do will require research, training, practice, and investment.

Wedding PhotoResearch

The first thing you have to do is to know everything there is to know about Indian weddings. How it is celebrated, what are the traditional dresses, the food and beverages, etc. Indian weddings are full of colors unlike the usual weddings where all you can see are shades of white with the colors of the flowers contrasting them.  You need to know which the best subjects are that can make the photos beautiful. Examples are the henna tattoo of the bride, the exotic flowers used for the decorations, the steps of Saptapadi as part of the marriage vows, and more!


The next thing to do is to go over your technical skills and knowledge in handling the camera and your other needed equipment. Although you may already be an expert in professional photography, it is still advisable to get training concerning wedding events. Learning does not stop from having clients and earning. Attend seminars and enroll to training courses as much as you can. As time goes by, there is always something new that is being created. There is always room for improvement.


The key to producing quality pictures is not only the hands of a creative and knowledgeable photographer. It is also through the equipment and tools used as his partners in getting perfect shots. There is no need for you to purchase high-end cameras and lens that are expensive. What you have to do is to make the right investment. Buy the camera that is easy to navigate and master. Then spend more on gadgets and tools that can help you improve your work.


This time, you have to apply everything you have learned so far. You can start by being a second shooter and learn from other Indian wedding photographers in Houston, TX. If you think you can now stand on your own, then you can start from small wedding reception events first. You can also hire a second shooter to assist you.

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