Saving on Deals at Hotel in Toronto Airport When Getting Wedding Venue

How to Save on Hotel Wedding Venue Service

Wedding HotelWhile it is true that hotel receptions are the most convenient of all types of bridal locations out there, the only trouble is the pricing. Sometimes, the cost could really skyrocket especially when your wedding date is slated during the peak season. But there are some smart ways on how to deal with the wedding venue at hotel in Toronto Airport.

Here are some of the cash saving tips that will help you organize your wedding in the hotel of your preference:


One of the most amazing things that you can experience in a hotel wedding is the amenities. There are a number of perks that hotels could give, like free wedding cake, free use of pool, spa, business spaces and even gym usage. You no longer need to pay for these ones if the services are under amenities.

Free rental of furniture and AV

Most hotels, when you booked the service ahead, offer free AV services. In some locations, you still need to pay for the furniture fees, like chair, tables and many more. In worst case, the number of chairs might not be enough if you have too many guests. In the end, you need to rent outside. With a hotel service, everything is provided inclusive in the package.

Location options

A hotel does not only have ballrooms for receptions. There are a number of reception locations that a hotel could give you, like rooftop, outdoor, by the pool, in one of their restaurant, bar reception and many more. With this variety of options, you can be able to cut the price. If you avoid the bar because the liquor is too expensive, you can always go for other options.

Staff and waiter

In house staff and waiters are big help especially if you have a huge crowd. With a hotel’s premade service, you no longer need to hire someone to wait and serve your guests from external companies.

It is undeniable that hotel reception services could really cost you a lot of cash. That is if you haven’t planned ahead of time. The secret of getting cheap service when it comes to wedding venue at hotel in Hotel Toronto Airportl is to plan ahead of time. With enough time before your wedding date arrives, it is advantageous to you.

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