Selecting Wedding Dresses in Beverly Hills, CA Based on Body Type

Dress Selection Based on Body Type

The selection of wedding dresses in Beverly Hills, CA will always have its bases, and one important aspect that brides should always look at is the body type. If you are not aware of your body type, you can always ask your stylist. When you book for fittings, the staffs will be recommending you dresses that are based on your body type.

Bridal DressPear-shaped brides

If you are a pear shaped bride, you need to be very careful when wearing a dress because there is a possibility that you’ll look stockier. The last thing that should happen to you is the dress looks like a sack when worn. According to experts, neutralizing this body type means you need to wear a dress that has an A formation. The A formation that flares out will create an illusion that you are taller. If the wedding is more casual, you can also tone down the A-line silhouette by choosing less casual fabric.

Busty brides

Being busty is such a trouble especially when you choose the long dress. You can divert people’s attention by wearing a dress characterized with a scooped neckline. Through this style, the focus will be given to your face; according to experts, it will display your décolletage without putting your cleavage to too much exposure. When choosing fabric, please avoid the ones that are having sheen feature since it can call attention to your chest, In short, you should avoid satin, organza and silk.

Plus-sized brides

Being a plus-sized is not a disadvantage; you only need to find a dress made of fabric that is not too flowy. According to stylists, the best way to neutralize your size is to wear empire dress; its skirt begins to flow right under your bust so it creates an illusion of vertical line that makes you taller.

Tall brides

Being tall is not at all fancy since you can commit errors when picking a dress as well. There is nothing to neutralize in here so you need to give emphases on the natural shapes of your body. Since you are statuesque, simple dress will do. As much as possible, avoid wearing dresses that have too much bells and whistles like rosettes and ruffles. A tall person is not looking good in a cutesy style.

Wearing wedding dresses in Beverly Hills, CA that are not fit for your body type will give you lots of trouble especially on the aesthetics side. Wearing a wrong dress for your body type will either make you over or under-dressed, ask the help of Beverly Hills bridal shops.

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