Should You Stay Married for Your Kids or Not?

Saving Marriage for Your Kids

Staying in a marriage even if you are no longer happy is sometimes intolerable especially if it includes abusive acts. Others choose to stay because of their children. Maybe you will think that everything will be fine and the kids will be better over time. Generally, speaking all wound will heal overtime but the impact of the situation may cause a lot trauma to the kids and sometimes it will made them rebellious. Physically you will not see them but mentally and emotionally it will change them a lot.

All About WeddingDivorce has a major and direct effect to the children especially when it comes to point of view of what marriage should be. The idea may continue affect them until they reach adulthood. Certain studies proved that children that has broken family can be sometimes have extended families or separate households when they eventually marry. They will think that divorce is ordinary and can be done couple of times. In this case, the true essence of love and affection is no longer there because they think that even those things are not permanent.

A lot of negativity will influence the heart and mind of the child because of the divorce. The marital disruption may cause a lot of stress to the child especially if both parents decided to remarriage. Often, kids are being questioned not only by their classmates and schoolmates but even their close friends which lead to trauma and violence. It can also cause a lot of confusion when it comes to their relationship to the step siblings and step parents.

The divorce causes children pain, anxiety, anger, shock and disbelief. It will not help them to develop healthy lives after divorce. There are kids who choose to have premarital sex because they want to prove to their parents that the divorce was wrong and it will ruin their lives forever.

The solution to this problem is quite unclear. But it will be prevented if the couples learn to be honest, caring, responsible, understanding, and prefer to face any problem that will come into their life. Good parents should know how to value not only their feelings and emotions but also to their children. If in case you have doubts and questions you should have counseling with your husband. In this case you will be guided with great options, ideas and beliefs that will make the marriage stronger. Keep in mind that everything is fixable. You can reminisce your happy moments during your wedding celebration, then you can think on what would be the best for both of you. 

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