The Most Important Colors Used for Wedding Decor in Houston, TX

Wedding Colors That You Will Often See

Wedding Decor4Weddings are known for using bold and rich colors. It is not only to make this event look festive, but each color actually represent something that is associated with Hindu beliefs, culture, and traditions. Probably, this is why many also opt for a themed wedding venues. For this, it is important that the colors are used appropriately.

The most common colors used for wedding decor in Houston, TX are red, yellow, blue, and green. Each stands for something that is important for the bride and the groom and the life that awaits them as lifetime partners.

Take the color red as an example. For weddings, red means purity and fertility and this is the reason why it is usual to see a bride wearing a red traditional wedding dress. It is also the best representation of the couple’s commitment on their commemoration.

Green is the manifestation of nature, a new beginning or new birth. Brides also wears a green saree and bangles. Just like red, green also denotes fertility. Another reason why green is considered to be one of the most significant wedding colors.

Yellow is also one of the usual colors you will see during weddings. Signifying opulence and prosperity, yellow will be seen in the forms of gold jewelries and turmeric paste involved in preparing the bride for her wedding day.

On the other hand, there are also some who opt to add blue color for their wedding decor in Houston, TX. It is believed the blue is related to one of the most favored Hindu God, Lord Krishna. This just means that the colors that can be found on weddings are also associated on the Gods they serve.

There are actually many color combinations that can be used for wedding decor. If not for the traditional wedding colors, some consider purple which stands for grandeur and wealth.

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