Top Delicious Desserts for Wedding from Best Bakery in Houston TX

Choose the best dessert for your wedding day in Houston TX

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Choosing your wedding cake is the sweetest part of your wedding day reception. It’s delicious, beautiful and it’s an edible work of art. So, you need to choose your perfectly personalized wedding cake. Between the flavor and your design inspiration, you may find your right cake selection to be a more complex decision than you might have imagined. Delicious desserts for wedding from best bakery in Houston TX give your ideal cake selection the attention it deserves. You will find it’s possible to have a perfect wedding cake that is truly personalized both inside and out.

These bakeries are known for their expertise for creating cakes for weddings and other events as well.

Cakes by Gina – Gina bakes not only delicious wedding cake in Houston. The bakery also provides the best Houston wedding caked at affordable prices.  Cakes by Gina give more unique offerings than any of other bakeries in Houston Texas. The most unique and customized cakes in Houston come from Cakes by Gina. They also offer wedding cupcakes for give-aways.

Virginia’s Cake – Virginia’s is able to provide some of the elegant wedding cakes in Houston at vintage prices that are affordable to anyone. Houston residents have always considered Virginias’ Cake among the delicious desserts for wedding from best bakery in Houston TX. Virginia’s provides couples with delicious and colorful cakes.

Who Made the Cake – It is one of the affordable cake bakeries found in Houston that is well known even to popular celebrities. Customer also order wedding cakes with cake toppers at great prices compared to other bakeries in Houston. Who Made the Cake has received award in Golden Spatula during the great American food fight.

Satin Slices – delivers modern and vintage birthday cakes as well as their famous wedding cakes. Cakes Satin provides unique cake for many types of events. Customer also has the option of making an appointment in advance to view the cake designs to receive a quote for a cake that is need to mark any kind of occasion. It is one of the delicious desserts for wedding from best bakery Houston Texas that you need to try.

Three Brothers Bakery
4036 S Braeswood Blvd Houston, TX 77025
713.666.2253 (CAKE)

Three Brothers Bakery
12393 Kingsride Ln Houston, TX 77024
Phone: 713.464.2253 (CAKE)

Three Brothers Bakery
4606 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007
713.522.2253 (CAKE)

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