Traditional VS Modern Indian Wedding Cakes in Chicago, IL

Contrasting Traditional and Modern Indian Cakes

indian wedding cakesIf you want to feature a unique dessert on your matrimonial celebration, getting Indian wedding cakes in Chicago, IL could be one of your alternatives. Although this type of cake is just a subset of the usual cakes that couples are serving their guests, this one is much more special due to its look, color, design and taste. You can avail Indian bridal cakes in different tiers; some have different setups, like a floral towers and etc.

When it comes to decorative elements, Indian wedding cakes in Chicago, IL are really stunning. You can seldom see cakes which may look like this one.

Traditional cake
This is the most basic type of Indian cake, as it only features two basic colors—red and gold. The fondant or surface of the cake is engraved with golden colored inlays. These two colors are the post trendy colors for Indian weddings.

Unlike modern type of cakes, the toppers that are utilized into these cakes are Hindu gods. Usually, two gods are featured—Ganesha or Krishna—on top of the final tier. Other variations are golden elephants and lotus flowers.

Modern cake
These types of modern variation also follow the same design from the classic ones, only that it is more elaborative when it comes to shape, design and patterns. Another amazing modern cakes are patterned from famous Hindi architectural landmarks like Taj Mahal. If you want a memorable cake, getting modern variation is a perfect choice.

When it comes to toppers, the modern Indian wedding cakes in Chicago, IL, of course, could have fancy designs. Modern toppers do not stick into the traditional elephant, lotus and god’s figurines. You can put anything as long as the look matches with the overall aesthetic beauty of the Indian wedding cake.

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