Wedding Jewelry Stores in Houston TX that Offer Ring Appraisals or Insurance

Purchasing jewelries as a gift or just for you is a huge investment. Whether you bought a nice pair of earrings or an elegant diamond necklace, you need to make sure it should be taken care of well. One of the things you can do to protect the jewelry in case of theft or lost is to get insurance.

ringYou can find wedding jewelry stores in Houston, TX nowadays that offer ring appraisals or insurance. It is best to get your wedding jewelry pieces from stores, like from the following below, that offer insurance.

Thomas Markle Jewelers

Head to North Gessner Road and you will find Thomas Markle Jewelers. They have engagement rings in Houston appraisals designed for insurance purposes. Through appraisals, you will be provided with the fair market value of the ring or jewelry pieces you purchased. The appraisal is an estimated replacement value of the item that was lost, damaged or robbed through the insurance company. It is recommended to have your jewelry appraised by a reliable jewelry store. When you purchase your wedding ring jewelries from Thomas Markle, you should expect that your valuable jewelry will be appraised on regular basis.

Rozco Jewelry

Experience a personal level of service in Rozco Jewelry when you shop for jewelries to jewelry repairs and replacement. Get informed with the appraisals and insurance policies for your wedding jewelries.

Shaftel Diamond Co.

Not all jewelry store offer insurance since only a licensed and state authorized agent can offer this. Thus, when purchasing a wedding jewelry, get to Shaftel Diamond Co. They are one of the authorized jewelry stores in Houston to offer insurance for jewelries. Prior to signing up any jewelry insurance policy for your newly bought piece of jewelry, talk to the jeweler or insurance agent with the necessary information you need to understand. In Shaftel Diamond Co, you will get to learn about Guarantees and Appraisals too.

Quenton Elliott Jewelers

You can also visit Ferndale St. where you can find Quenton Elliot Jewelers. In there, you will find their well-equipped Gemological laboratory. They offer appraisal for metals, gems and other jewelries in case of loss, damaged or theft. You can visit the official website for more options.

When visiting any wedding jewelry stores in Houston, TX, don’t forget to include in the discussion about insurance and appraisals like the way you do with your wedding reception providers and other vendors.

Rice Village Diamonds
2376 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005
(713) 526-1510

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