Wedding Pies in Houston, Texas that are Perfect for Summer or Spring Reception

How to Choose Wedding Pies for a Summer or Spring Reception?

pieWhat better way to end a reception with sweet wedding pies in Houston, Texas? Although wedding cakes are very popular as desserts, there are also other sweets that are as tempting and luscious as the traditional cakes. It may include pies Houston, brownies, and cupcakes. These treats are especially great for spring or summer wedding reception.

Spring or Summer Wedding Cakes

If you still want a wedding cake for your wedding, choose one that really suits the season. For instance, you can pick a cake with Swiss dot motif in either a yellow or pink color. This is because the little dots will complement with the pearl wedding jewelry commonly worn by spring or summer bride. Moreover, you can request the baker to make beads of pearls around the cake to have an ultimate romantic and luscious wedding cake.

Designs of Cakes

When it comes to the design of cakes for a summer or spring wedding, choose cheerful and colorful designs. For one, you can arrange a cascading tropical flowers made from sugar or icing to make a tropical summer cake. Also, cakes with beach theme and decorations are perfect for a summer or beach wedding.

Wedding Cupcakes

If you get bored of having traditional wedding cakes, why not have cupcakes instead? Cupcakes are cute to look at and are basic alternative to a layered wedding cake. These small and sweet treats are perfect for couples who are in a tight budget. For your summer or spring wedding, choose assortments of pastel frosted cupcakes with vanilla, red velvet, lemon or chocolate flavors.

Wedding Pies

Another tasty dessert that is also popular nowadays is wedding pies in Houston, Texas. For a summer wedding reception, fresh fruit pies are simply the best. Ask your baker to include assortment of fresh tropical fruits like strawberry, peach, blueberry, cherry, among others and top them with fresh ice cream or whipped cream.

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